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Our one-level affiliate program is an excellent instrument for generating passive income without even your own investment, and also offers the status of a regional representative for profitability growth.

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Bank-grade security and next generation account protection. Encrypted SSL connection over HTTPS, 2-factor authentication and trusted IPs. No questions asked.

What People Say

Mr. James Michaels


I must say that I found Litnex Mining a pleasure to work with. 2 years experince and i have made tangible profit from my investment with over 400% Rate of turn over so far. Thank you

Sandra Peters

United States

Litnex Mining has been the best so far, with the best customer service to guide my every step, i have made possitive profit even though the bitcoin price has been fluactuating yet i still make profit in the Executive plan.

Raymond Yuen

United Arab Emirates

I started with an initial deposit of $7,500 and in 3 months i was able to make more than what i invested and there witdrawals are fast. Litnex Mining is really good.

Patricia Kur


I was able to recover my lost investment ever since i started mining with Litnex Mining, there premium package is really productive and profitable.

Sandy Briggs

United States

I can;t stop thanking Litnex Mining, there payout is so fast, i can't wait to share the screenshots, i minned over $12,345 in profits.

Jonathan Herb

South Africa

This company is exactly what i was looking for. Thank you so much for all you do, now i have areason to smile daily